See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!
1 John 3:1a

Our biannual conferences have been, among other things, a time of gathering to celebrate this astounding fact–the great love of our Father!

This summer, the phrase from Eddie’s song, “sweeter the journey,” will be the guiding thought as we gather to worship, preach and listen, encourage and be encouraged, present and see many things the Lord is doing among us.

Let’s spur on one another in this road of “long obedience in the same direction”!


2012 Summer Conference Schedule

During the conference there will be 3 main sessions and 2 seminar sessions. You will be able to sign up for 1 seminar per session. Below is a blurb and reading material for each seminar.

Seminar Session #1

The “Bitter sweet” Journey

Pastor Hyun and Joanne

Facing the already/not yet reality of life difficulties, including illness and death of loved ones, caring for aging parents, etc.

Reading Material

Not Sugary or Sour: Having Our Father’s Heart While Raising Children and Being Busy with Life.

Pastor Mark and Elisa

Ministry can be a joy filled “sweet” experience, but the challenges of mundane things like work and family life can become obstacles that can turn things “sour”. But it’s not enough to sugar coat it by ignoring the issues. In this seminar, we will explore how to deal with these challenges appropriately so that we can continue passionately in the heart and calling that God has for us. This seminar is for young parents to discover and receive what it takes to continue with ministry.

Reading Material

Desire, Direction and Destiny


Life is full of decisions. And the life called by God destined to fulfill His purposes is the best life but one that still challenges us with decisions that need to be made. God has created a new heart in us that now desires to live a different way of life. But sometimes we find it difficult to move ahead because we want to know step two before we even complete step one of God’s desire for us. At other times, we are challenged and tempted with competing desires. Is this worth it? Am I missing out? Unbelievers seem to be doing fine with life – building a career, getting married, enjoying life – what about me? Then we feel guilty. How do we navigate through this scene of human history in our time and location, making the choices that keep us in the right and successful direction that God intends? How do we make the everyday decisions of life that glorify God and benefit us? We need the Lord’s guidance.  God does give us desires that we never dreamed of, and provides loving direction. We can seek and find His guidance. Faithful decisions can be made with confidence even in the face of very trying situations. His guidance paves the way for us to truly know His satisfaction, peace and power as we set our hearts to seek first His Kingdom and righteousness.

Reading Material

The Delightful Community: Who’s in the team? How to encourage others to grow–and finish well together.

Pastor Tim and Brenda 

“Delightful” – (a) ‘de’ – to deepen; ‘light’ – make brighter/better, reveal well; ‘ful’ – overflowing. (b) A Christian Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop. (c) “To above all, sweeten your love for each other with rich and deep ways, because love covers over a multitude of sour bites.” – 1 Peter 4:8 (RNV – Right Now Version)

There are many communities we dine with in our lives so what really makes this community in Christ so different…so delightful?  We will bite into, chew a while, and taste what being delightful is all about, who really gets to live this way, how to be a delight and be ones that encourage this in one another, and how we can finish ‘delightfully’ well together.  And along with this we will touch upon the ‘turkish delights’ that seem to limit the sweetness of this journey together.

Reading Material

Seminar Session #2

Not Sugar Coated

Pastor Cory and Michelle

Authentic faith? What does it look like? How does God work in our lives to take off the sugar coating to bring out a real, genuine, authentic faith?

Reading Material

Walking the Sweet Journey Together

Pastor Jason and Debra

Just as the journey does not get sweeter automatically, our children do not grow up in Christ automatically. In our marriage as well as in our parenting, we need “sweet” moments of transformation that only our Lord can provide. During our time together, we will touch upon presenting the gospel to our children, teaching and disciplining them, as well as how we can spur on one another in marriage.

Reading Material

Sweeter than Honey: How Everyday Life is Transformed by Scripture

Pastor Andy and Michelle

In this seminar we’ll be hearing about how “sweeeeet” the Scriptures that we have in the Bible for this journey together. We’ll cover how taking the Scriptures into our lives through Spirit-ual reading, listening, prayer, and community worship transforms our lives on this journey of increasing sweetness.

Reading Material

From Saccharin to Sweet: Overcoming the Detours of Worldliness and Temptations that Conceal the Sweetness of the Journey.

Pastor Gus and Anne

‘Worldliness’ and ‘Temptation’ are not the two of the most exciting words when describing the sweet journey marked for us. However, as we consider God’s word, along with the examples of those who exemplified victorious living, we are also given numerous examples of those who were derailed from their calling by the destructive allure of worldliness and temptation. In this seminar, we will be considering the biblical understanding of temptation, and also how the church has historically taught and dealt with the issue of temptation and worldliness. Our goal is to not only identify the usual pitfalls and temptations that befall God’s people, but to also understand the Spirit’s help and empowering that is given us to overcome. Our ultimate hope is to live in the declaration made by the Lord, to “take heart, for I have overcome the world.” Jn 16:33

Reading Material

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